Does the JAC offer equipment?

Yes: The JAC is pleased to provide recurve bows of varying weights and sizes, arrows, guards, releases, and targets for new shooters to use and is included in the cost of admission.

Does the JAC offer instruction for new or beginner shooters?

Yes: The JAC is run by friendly and helpful range masters who enjoy helping you safely learn the fundamentals of archery and will provide positive critique.

Does the JAC have any certifications for safety standards?

Yes: The JAC proudly certifies all range masters by NASP range procedures and we are proud to be associated with NFAA and NASP.

Can I get more involved at the JAC?

Yes: All membership holders are invited to any and all board meetings which are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm. 

Can I compete at the JAC?

Yes: The JAC holds various competitions throughout the year for members and non-members alike. These range from in-house shoots, to state competitions.