• About Us

    Mission Statement

    The Juneau Archery Club was founded as a non-profit organization in 1987 to promote the sport of archery.

    Board Members

    Present Board Members for 2018:

    President - Andy Gray
    Vice-President - Jess Lujan

    Treasurer - Diana Tersteeg 

    Secretary - Kevin Dugan 

    Historian - Chris Lombard


    Ed Carte, Clyde Pasterski, and Megan Carter, Cassandra Partin, Cody Phan, Zachary Kelly

    The Board Meets Monthly on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm in the classroom at the indoor range. 

    Remember it is YOUR range. The Board members can just organize and secure the materials to make it a better facility. We need your help. All members are welcome to the monthly meetings.


    "When I first came, I knew really nothing about Archery. But, thanks to Jess Lujan, I quickly learned of this range and fell in love with a sport I only dabbled in as a kid. Now I come three nights a week!" - Zachary Kelly, 2017

    "I've been doing archery for a few years now. Before I started coming to the Juneau Archery Club, my groupings were atrocious! But, after coming to the club several nights a week my confidence in shooting my bow has increased exponentially." - Cody Phan, 2017

    Local Shops

    The JAC supports local businesses who provide Archery equipment and services Click here to see our partners. 

    Current News

    The JAC started this year off with a bang by deep-cleaning the range for this season. We are excited to invite all members for our 2018 Board of Directors Annual Meeting on 1/30/18. It will be in the classroom at 6:30PM and pizza will be provided.  

    Membership Application and Waiver

    Please feel free to view and download these forms to fill out. They can be submitted in person at the JAC or by email.